Why Roe V Wade Is Such a Big Deal and Why You Need to Vote

Why is Roe V Wade Such A Big Deal?

Boy, the shit has hit the fan on this issue. I can’t believe in 2022 the supreme court overturned a hard-fought battle to make Roe V Wade a national law in 1973. Abortion has now been legal for 49 years. But this past summer, the Supreme Court voted to overturn it nationally and send it bake to the states to make their own abortion laws. That’s Why Roe V Wade is such a big deal. So why are we considering taking a giant step backward in this modern era?

The answer is twofold – the first is men and their power base and their need to control women. The second is the conservative Christian’s view about when life begins. Can you imagine if the situation were reversed and we were debating whether men should have the right of agency over their own bodies? It would never happen. That’s why the Roe V Wade ruling is such a big deal.

If we look at the statistics, while abortion initially increased substantially right after Roe V Wade was passed in 1973 – 1980, since then (from 1981 through 2017) the abortion rate fell approximately in half, according to the Center for Disease Control. In the 1970s, the conservative movement peddled unfounded fear that if abortions were to become legal it would be used as a birth control method and abortion rates would soar. unfounded.

Graph of US abortion rates 1973-2017 by the Guttmacher Institute
Abortion Rates from 1973 – 2017 collected by the Guttmacher Institue

Why Roe V Wade is Such a Big Deal:

Anti Abortionists – I refuse to call this group “pro-lifers” since the other side isn’t “pro-death.” Anti-Abortionists are composed of a minority of Christian religious right activists. They believe that life starts at conception. That’s what their religion teaches them. So, they don’t believe abortion should be legal at all even in cases of rape and incest because it goes against their religious beliefs. But we are a country of diverse religions, many of which do not share this belief.

Additionally, our country was founded on key democratic principles, one of which is the separation of church and state. Overturning Roe V Wade for religious reasons removes the separation of church and state and could lead to other religious beliefs dictating laws like gay marriage. That’s why overturning Roe V Wade is not only a big deal but a huge one.

Pro-Choice – This side is the majority of voters who believe that according to a recent poll by Reuters of 998 voters (since the Supreme Court’s ruling was leaked), “52% of respondents said it should be legal in most or all cases, while 40% said it should be illegal in most or all cases.”

This group is backed by the constitution’s 14th amendment. The amendment was primarily added in 1868 to provide civil rights to black/minority people. But it also includes the clause “the right to privacy without any government interference.” So Pro-Choice advocates and the Supreme Court from 1973 onwards believed women were solely responsible to make the decision to abort a private matter.

Why Roe V Wade is Such a Big Deal

If abortion were to become outlawed in the US, we would be joining only 24 third-world countries with this law. This includes; the Dominican Republic, The Congo, El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Iraq, Jamaica, Laos, Madagascar, Malta, Nicaragua, Senegal, Sierra Leon and the Palestinian Territories. Conversely, abortion is legal in Canada, most of Europe, Australia and Russia.

Abortion protests with pro life anf pro choice activists

My Opinion on Why Roe V Wade is Such a Big Deal

It’s frightening to think that individual states are now responsible to decide on the legalities associated with abortions in their states. It’s no surprise that blue states are shutting down clinics and outlawing all abortions, even if the mother was raped or is in danger of losing her life if she gives birth. I am not a Christian, so I don’t share their religious beliefs about life beginning at conception. But they are actually valuing the life of the fetus over the mother. What kind of religion does that?

Just like many other laws in this country, just because something is legal doesn’t mean you have to participate. Simply put, if you don’t believe in abortion – don’t have one. But should your religious beliefs govern the many thousands of Americans who believe differently? It’s a lot like the gun control debate. Personally, I would never own a gun, but they are legal. So, if you want one, by all means, go get one.

It may or may not be right for me to have an abortion, but I don’t think I should have an opinion on whether you should be allowed to have one or any number of personal decisions about how to live your life.

The idea of a religious belief becoming law in a diverse and democratic country like the United States makes the Roe V Wade debate a very BIG deal.

Whatever side you are on make sure your voice is heard by voting on November 8th, 2022.

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