Rise N Hope House

Aging out of foster care

If you read my blog, follow me on Instagram, or have an ordinary conversation with me you are more than aware of my passion for this great non-profit the Rise N Hope House.

Rise N Hope House

Why now and why this particular cause? I am drawn to the Rise N Hope House because there are so many cracks in our system of government and kids can’t vote or take measurable action to fix them. So it’s up to us – the adults – to do it for them. And this particular crack is contributing to so many of our nation’s gravest

social issues including homelessness, unwanted pregnancies, petty crime, trafficking, and drug addiction.

How? We have 23,000 kids turning 18 every year across the country that are forced out of foster care with most having nowhere to go and little life skills for navigating as an independent, self-sufficient adult.

Chances are if you were placed in foster care one or both of your parents were too. We must fill in this gaping crack with an effective solution to prevent continuing the cycle from generation to generation.

I have been on the front lines in assisting with the launch of this new project through my affiliation as Community Manager of Reveal To Heal. I have spoken with people who experienced the challenging transition of aging out of foster care. That’s why I am urging you to take action today and donate to this brilliant solution.

The Rise N Hope House will be a transitional home in New Jersey for youth aging out of foster care where they will live in a safe environment rent-free for up to 2 years. There they will receive life skills training by licensed professionals. This will include financial literacy, employment preparation, higher education options, and mental health counseling.

This home can be a model that towns across our state and across the country can imitate and expand upon. Choose your option for participating in this important cause from the buttons below.

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