My Top 5 Online Shopping Resources for Women of A Certain Age

Listen Up Ladies of a Certain Age – online shopping is not just for Millenials. I have spent lots of time researching and testing various sites, and honed down those that have great products, free shipping (when possible) and good return policies. So now I buy everything I need online. From books, household products, apparel, cosmetics and jewelry to furniture and accessories.

Why the change from in-store to online? It saves me time, is cost effective and opens up new resources and brands that don’t necessarily have retail outlets. The change was inspired by my change in preferred social media platforms.

I was a devout Facebook user until I got tired of my feed updating me about people’s personal lives who I was barely acquainted with. I was simultaneously playing around with Instagram and made the switch when I saw how much more relevant I could make the content.

While I still see status updates from real friends, I follow topics of interest like style, design, jewelry, news outlets and very targeted celebrities. The result is a daily feed that is inspiring incorporating loads of ideas and brands I wasn’t aware of. I like to support those products and services that have good corporate principles including paying a fair wage to their workers, prioritize sustainability, are owned by women and philanthropic. These benchmarks really drive my purchases. As a woman of a certain age, I like to spend my hard earned money where I believe it’s making a difference and on companies with policies aligned with my own values.

If you find online shopping overwhelming you are in for a real treat as I showcase some of the e-tailers I order from over and over (I am not receiving any compensation, discounts or gifts from any brands listed). This is just me sharing my list of my top 5 favorites – but if you follow me on Instagram @amysandelmanharris you can discover more as I reveal my latest purchases. Keep in mind I have very specific tastes in fashion and interior design that can be best described as “classics with a modern edge.”

My Top 5 Online Shopping Resources

  • Thrive Causemetics – not only are their products vegan and cruelty free, but every time a product is purchased the company makes a donation to an organization that helps women thrive. They have raised a lot of money and support over 200 organizations. Most importantly their products are great and not available in-store. I love their Eye Brighteners (I have them in 4 colors), their Buildable CC Cream with SPF 35, and eye shadows. #thrivecausemetics, @thrivecausmetics

Website Instagram – @thrivecausemetics Hashtag – #thrivecausemetics


My Collection of Thrive Cosmetics

Top 3 Apparel Sites for Quality Basics

  • Everlane – offers great quality and extremely well-priced apparel and accessories. They now have a few stores, but are mostly an online e-tailer. They have limited products that sell out quickly and run great sales. I just bought the shorts below in 2 colors. They have an elastic waist, a flat front with pockets and long enough to cover the high thigh area (if you know what I mean).

Website Instagram – @everlane Hashtag – #everlane

I Bought Them in Two Colors

  • AYR – stands for All Year Round. It is a favorite pick by Oprah and is more expensive than Everlane, but offers higher quality fabrics. I bought the two long sleeve T shirts pictured below and unlike most, they are long enough to tuck in or wear over pants or shorts. Also, finishing details are excellent like the neckline which is perfect. Instagram – @ayr Hashtag – #ayr

Modeling My Two New Shirts from AYR

  • Levis – yes they make styles to suit our age group. Like most of us, I grew up wearing Levis and still do since they offer so many variations of styles, fabrics and colors. The best part is they have customizable options for length, waist and leg opening (straight, skinny, wide) so you are sure to find the perfect fit. Also – its the best value around. Prices vary between $59 – $100 – less than half the price of designer jeans.

Website – Instagram – @levis Hashtag – #levis

My Collection of Levis

  • Furniture – Interior Define – they also have some stores but are mostly an online e-tailer. I bought a couch during the pandemic when no stores were open. I was able to customize the width, length, configuration (chaise on the left versus on the right), legs (shape and material) and fabric. Because each piece is custom made to fit customer’s individual needs it takes 10 -12 weeks for the order to arrive – but well worth it. Instagram – @interiordefine Hashtag – #interiordefine

My Interior Define Sectional

I hope you find these resources as valuable as I do. If you have questions or need help let me know. Stay tuned for new additions to my list of E-Tail Besties for Women of a Certain Age.

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