My Great Finds on Etsy

If you haven’t shopped on, you are truly missing out. They define themselves as “the global marketplace for unique and creative goods. It’s home to a universe of special, extraordinary items, from unique handcrafted pieces to vintage treasures.” They have over 45 million items to choose from and they run the gamut from new to vintage in almost every category you can imagine. And that’s why I end up with great finds on Etsy.

It’s like hunting for treasures in a market in any country in the world where every vendor makes their own merchandise. They feature makers, independent designers, and creative entrepreneurs from around the world. In addition to the wide array of products, I like supporting the site because it is made up of individuals who are creating the products, and each has its own storefront. There are also editor’s picks that highlight new trends curated by folks at Etsy.

Alternatively, you can shop by category from pillows to jewelry (2 of my personal favorites). Just enter what you are hunting for in the search bar and you will get the results. Each vendor has its own inventory and the products are typically made by hand. I love knowing my purchases support artisans from all over the world. You can find the site here. You can also follow them on Instagram at #etsy or shop their Instagram store here.

Here Are Some of My Great Finds on Etsy:

Etsy Find #1

Kilim Pillows – Last year I was re-designing our family room and wanted to add some tribal accents to give it a more global feel. After much research, I settled on kilim pillows to put on my sectional couch which is a beige neutral palette.

Wikipedia defines kilim as “… a flat tapestry-woven carpet or rug traditionally produced in countries of the former Persian Empire, including Iran, the Balkans, and the Turkic countries.” They are typically vintage carpets re-worked to be pillow covers. Each one is unique since they are vintage and they have thick, nubby fabric.

Covers are sold separately from inserts. But they have every size and fabrication of inserts to choose from. These pillows range from $15 – $20 per pillow cover and the inserts cost about the same. You can find them here.

Esty Find # 2

For my living room which is more formal, I have a charcoal gray velvet couch that required a pillow scape. So I searched for velvet pillow covers and came across this vendor that has every color velvet imaginable in every size and she handmakes each one. You can find them here.

Etsy Find # 3

Sometimes I like to mix in vintage accessories with my modern furnishings for a more eclectic look. I decided I wanted an old French match sticker. Match strikers are match holders made of hard surfaces that you can light strike-anywhere matches on. They come in various sizes and styles and double as beautiful pieces of home decor. My mother collected them and I was lucky enough to find one I loved because they don’t have too many to choose from. I bought it from a vendor named Me1851, but they don’t have any in stock right now. Instead, you can go to this page which has a big inventory of match strikers from various vendors.

Etsy Find # 4

One of my passions is hunting for vintage-style jewelry. I comb antique stores, markets, and even garage sales. I love Victorian-style pieces the most. Right now I am totally obsessed with the look of layering vintage style chains with unique charms. I have found no better place to scratch this itch than on Etsy. For years I’ve wanted a vintage watch fob to wear around my neck. I have been to many antique stores, but the ones I find are either too short to fit around my neck or way too expensive. So, I searched Etsy and found a reproduction I love by a designer Linda Mikk and her store is here.

I also found quite a few other vintage charms, connectors, and chains:

This is a reproduction of a vintage pocket magnifying glass pendant chatelaine. Before we had reading glasses, people used them to read small print. The vendor is madcrafter and you can find them here.

Madcrafter also has antique-looking chains at various lengths for layering my charms. I hope you get inspired by They have lanyard curb chains that look extremely authentic.

Etsy Find #5

To complete the look I needed connectors so I could attach my pendants. For just a few dollars I found multiple options. This one vendor has a big selection and the connectors come in different shapes and sizes. You can find them here.

Etsy Find # 6

One of the charms I had been searching for, for quite some time was available and the price was amazing. I wanted a blue enameled star charm (like a compass) and I grabbed it for $4.60. You can find it here.

All in all, Etsy is a unique resource since it features hundreds of designers’ and artisans’ products from around the world. I hope you find it as great a resource as I do and that you will be inspired by great finds on Etsy.

Any questions or comments let me know.

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