New Jersey’s Foster Care System Has Never Been Bettter

A few weeks ago we officially launched our newest project with a fundraising event from Reveal to Heal titled the Rise N Hope House Gala. At the event, I had a chance to speak with one of our honorees, the Commissioner of the NJ Department of Children and Families; Ms. Christine Norbut Beyer. She toldContinue reading “New Jersey’s Foster Care System Has Never Been Bettter”

When The System Works

We have all heard horror stories about children being taken from their families by the state and placed into the foster care system. But having a front-row seat in a recent case, I’m here to talk about the positive outcome when the system works. Once taken by the system, the child has many representatives inContinue reading “When The System Works”

Living in Rural Mississippi is Like Living in a Third-World Country

It is ironic that the US is the richest nation in the world while also having the highest poverty rates.