Addiction Recovery Accessible to All

Addiction Recovery Accessible to All

Some of the most disturbing recent statistics about overdose deaths in this country are the dramatic increases among Black and Hispanic populations. At the same time, overdoses have steadily decreased in the white population (who still account for the majority of deaths). Underserved communities have less access to treatment – which is insanely expensive. That’s why I support the work Prevention Links (and other non-profits like them) which is making addiction recovery accessible to all.

Addiction Recovery is Big Business

According to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics, the average cost of an inpatient 30-day recovery program is $9,766. For best results, patients should stay for 90 days which would cost $29,298. And there’s no guarantee it will work. The data shows that 40-60% of patients will relapse. In total, drug rehabilitation generated $10.1 billion in 2022.

Addiction Recovery Accessible to All

Prevention Links is a private non-profit organization that is more than 50 years old and takes a leadership role in the prevention of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and related issues. Essentially, it makes addiction outpatient recovery accessible to all. This means all services are free to substance abuse victims and their families – making addiction recovery accessible to all.

Courtesy of State of New Jersey – Department of Law and Public Safety

It is a critical service since accessing inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment and medication treatment are all incredibly expensive. Most addicts in underserved communities do not have medical insurance or Medicaid which is not accepted by most recovery programs, psychologists, and psychiatrists anyway. That’s why it is such an essential resource.

Right up front in the Permanent Links mission statement, it says, “At Prevention Links, diversity, equity, and inclusion are foundational to the work we do. The heart of our mission is to shape healthier, stronger communities. We recognize the rich diversity of the communities we serve and reflect it: in our services, our staff, and our management. Through our work, we have seen the negative impact that inequities and overall lack of inclusivity have on our communities. We acknowledge this ongoing injustice individuals face in their everyday lives and we commit to actively fostering change .”

Permanent Links can make addiction recovery accessible to all because it is funded by State grants, Federal grants, corporate donors, and individuals. They now have centers in 4 locations in New Jersey and even created the first sober public high school. They offer numerous evidence-based programs for those with substance abuse disorders and their families. There are several different programs that are an alternative to the 12 Step Program. While the 12-step Program can be effective, there are many users who don’t find it helpful.

The Importance of Family Support and Understanding

How families cope with their child’s substance use disorder can make all the difference. That’s why Prevention Links meshes individual counseling and peer support with family and group support. As parents, our reactions, language and support are critical to minimizing the shame the user experiences bringing them closer to the family.  It also helps to share experiences with peers so parents don’t feel alone and ashamed. Believe me, I wish I knew about this resource when I was going through my son’s opioid addiction for seven years.

If you appreciate Permanent Links’ mission to make recovery accessible to all you can donate and/or volunteer your time to help get more services to those in need. You can donate to my son’s memorial fund here. Or find out more about volunteering here.

I hope those of you or someone you know who are currently battling this disease, owill join the fight today.

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