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My name is Amy (Sandelman) Harris and this is My Blog

As a woman of a certain age, sometimes I feel left out and overlooked by society. If you are in this group you can probably relate.

As a group, we make a big impact on the economy, trends, and culture in our country. That’s because we are such a huge percent of the overall population.

It’s also true that we have some extra cash in our pockets (kids are gone), life experience, definite taste, and deserve to be heard. My Blog is for women like us who may be at the pinnacle of their career, partly retired, pursuing personal passions or traveling around the world checking places off their bucket lists.

You’ll find My Blog covers a wide gamut. I tackle important issues (like eating disorders, wellness, and adoption), personal stories that touch the heart (my personal mental health journey), and we’ll also discuss the best online shopping resources and sex at our age. I welcome your comments, thoughts, and ideas.

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