5 New Instagram Purchases Perfect for Women of a Certain Age

Note: This is the second in a post series about online shopping for women of a certain age. If you haven’t already, read the first post, you can do so here.

I recently made 5 new Instagram purchases that are perfect for a woman of a certain age. Instagram has become my key shopping resource since its algorithm learns what products and services you like and shows you similar ones. It’s almost like having a personal shopper. My goals differ drastically from the Gen X Influencers who are posting all day long. I am not trying to impress anyone, build an audience or monetize it. I just love finding alternative resources and lifestyle information that is otherwise unavailable to me. You could say it’s my own version of QVC.

So if you are always looking for fresh new style, health and wellness information or home service resources take a look at these 5 and I am sure you will find at least one you will want to get yourself.

Recent Purchases


For instance, I love following Kate Middleton (@kate.middleton.official) and Meghan Markle (@sussexroyal_hm) on Instagram to get style inspiration. All the articles about them detail their apparel and accessories in the fine print. Beyond the crown jewels and fascinators, they sport some affordable earrings, footwear, pants, and sneakers.

I noticed more than once they wore accessories from a British store called Mark & Graham @markandgraham OR ww.markandgraham.com — a store that sells everything from home furnishings and accessories to jewelry, gifts, and my favorite…handbags

After scouring many sites for a new tote for the fall season, made of quality leather, with the right type of handle, and reasonably priced, I discovered the Elisabetta Slouch bag on Marck and Graham for $398, plus $12.50 for monogramming. It comes in many colors, but I love how a brown bag weathers over time. You can shop for it here.

I was also motivated to purchase a new wallet to go with my new bag – I mean what’s the use of pulling out an old, beat-up wallet from a gorgeous new bag? So, also from Mark and Graham, I purchased their Leather Zipper wallet in the large size for $34.99. You can shop for it here.

Next on my list for my fall transition was changing up my accessories. Earrings are probably one of the easiest, most convenient, and cost-effective ways to update my style (besides a new lip color). Add a pair of super big hoops and believe me your overall look will be years younger.

Pearls are all the rage right now from Baroque to Cultured. Don’t picture Barbara Bush in her 3 strand choker. Instead, now it is all about mixing and maxing with gold and gem stones big and small. To capitalize on this trend I made 2 purchases from Instagram vendors that I am really happy with.

Nura Small Pearl Pendant Charm from Monica Vinader@monicavinander #monicavinander http://www.monicavinander.com. Price $95.

Crystal Ball Drop Earrings at Hot Tomato in Aqua Marine (but come in a bunch of colors). @hugetomato #hugeomato http://www.hugetomato.com. On sale now for $46.00

Me in my new jewels. I feel like I don’t look trendy, just updated and fresh.


I am a complete devotee of all things Serena & Lilly – especially when it comes to my bedroom. Up until pretty recently, they were an online / catalog-only brand resource. Now they have a few stores.

They design and manufacture fabrics that cannot be matched by typical store brands. Warning: Their prices are high, but they run good sales. I tend to re-do my bedding style seasonally. In the winter I use the Alpine Flannel Bedding – which is on sale for 20% off here. You can follow them @serenandlilly #serenaandlilly.

As shown in the catalog

In my bedroom

Lola finds the fabric very cuddly


Do you have bags and bags of old family videos piled in plastic bags? I have dragged them every time I move, not knowing what s to become of them. With fthe VCR becoming obsolete and the ehorbitant prices for digitizing them, I was ready to throw them out.

Surprisingly, I found an IG account for something called #IMemoriesofficial where, for an extremely affordable price, they can digitize your videos so you can play them on your laptop, TV, phone etc.

To get started, fill out the form on their site at htttps://www.imemories.com. They send you a box with packaging to send in your tapes, they digitize them and send back the originals. The videos are stored online so you can download them to your device to play over and over. We have been laughing a lot around here watching them.



Health & Wellness

If you like natural healing methods for treating chronic health issues like bloating, stomach aches, headaches, and more – I recommend following Anthony William – known as the Medical Medium or@medicalmedium on Instagram. He is not a physician, dietician, or formally educated health professional. Instead, he was ” born with the unique ability to converse with the Spirit of Compassion, who provides him with extraordinarily accurate health information that’s far ahead of its time. ”

Some mediums converse with the deceased – he gets inspiration to heal people. Doctors consult with him, patients swear by him and he has several best-selling books. Personally, I gave his celery juice protocol a try because I had seen celebrities talk about it and was having some acid indigestion. The protocol is simple – drink 16 oz per day on an empty stomach without any other additives (like lime, other vegetables etc). In order for its healing properties to be effective, they can not be mixed with anything else.

I have been drinking it about 3 times per week for several weeks and notice an improvement in my gut issues. He is a big believer in cleansing our bodies with natural foods and juices and breaks down their properties and how they fight disease. You can follow him @medicalmedium, #medicalmedium or on his website at https://www.medicalmedium.com/

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